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Everyone has things they want to change about their life, goals they want to accomplish, or dreams they want to make real. As a coach I support you in that process, and help you to be that which you truly are.

I help you reach your goals, solve problems, and make the most of your potential. I bring clarity to confusion or overwhelm, and expertly assist you in moving through barriers, obstacles or circumstances that prevent you from achieving your desires.

The result?
Freedom and Joy.
Power and accomplishment.
Peace and confidence.

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What topics can I address through coaching?


Career and workplace: Identifying your ideal career path & achieving healthy work/life balance

Transitions: Making the most out of life transitions (often career or relationship changes)

Desires: Identifying your true desires and learning practical and spiritual techniques to make them happen

Creativity: Integrating creativity into your life and accomplishing your creative goals

Power: Accessing and nurturing your powerful self

Sensitivity: Understanding and honoring your sensitivity

Queerness: Supporting gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning (LGBTQ) folks

How is coaching different from therapy?


Coaching is like architecture, therapy is like archeology.

Coaching and therapy can complement each other, however, coaching is not therapy. Coaching focuses on designing the life you want to live, and helping you reach your full potential. Coaching does not attempt to treat mental health issues or heal trauma. If serious emotional or mental issues come up in our sessions, I will encourage you to address those in therapy. As a trained therapist I can recommend which kind of therapy might be best and can often make referrals to certain therapists. I'm a huge proponent of therapy and can provide important information about how to find the best kind of therapist or treatment for you.

Coaching and therapy overlap in some areas. The most common area of overlap is the realm of negative or limiting beliefs. Often our big goals and dreams are thwarted by unconscious limiting beliefs. If progress is stalled or resistance is strong, it is often necessary to uncover and address those limiting beliefs. This process can look and feel more like therapy, but it is different than treating a mental health condition.

More about coaching:

Coaching helps you discover and nurture your core values, natural talents, and passions. It is supportive, inspiring, and transformational.

There's a place inside you that knows exactly what is right for you. Unfortunately there can be times when you can't hear it or don't follow its guidance. When you get off-track (or don't even know what your track is) life can be much harder. But when you're "on track" and expressing your values, talents, and passions, life is good! That's my work as a coach - to help you get to a place where things are flowing and you feel good about your life.

How does the coaching process work?


Coaching sessions are 50 minutes, and done over the phone or Skype. Sessions are scheduled weekly or every other week.  The coaching relationship begins with a two hour, in-depth self discovery process called the Foundation Session.

As a client, you identify goals and areas of focus for the coaching work. There are homework assignments every week, and each session includes reviewing your progress toward your goals. The structure of regular sessions provides accountability and accelerates change.

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